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welcome ladys and gentelmens!
butler-komödie und barjazz vom feinsten

Lady's and Gentelmen's!
Butler-Komödie und Barjazz vom Feinsten!

Lord Sax O`Phone + Dr. Johnny Walker
Andreas Gohlke und Tim Verbarg

Tel. 04 21 / 89 49 87 und Mobil 01 62 / 64 26 656

We escort your party from the reception to dancing. And if it's necessary up to the bitter – resp. the bittersweet end, according to After Eight. Your guests will already be pampered at their arrival.

Amongst others we will explain with your assistance the difference between fuzz and fusel!

Right from the beginning we will bring the people together, every guest being welcome royally – Ladies first!

Normally everybody is very busy to get out their English knowledges already when they check their coat in the entrance. Every guest will be read into the royal customs with the help of our 'translation service'! After our nearly successful German lessons we will be understood by everybody.

The whole procedure will be complemented to an entertaining introduction by a reed organ and sax – where required by piano. A never ending variety of services will follow. Sooner or later the party will be opened out into the declaration of the place being member of the British Commonwealth.

Our performance considerably lives from slapstick and thereby is characterised by the fine art of improvisation.

We are always present but never intrusivly. We don't show up anybody besides ourselves. With an English degree of tactfulness we create an appropriate closeness to the guest. In case any problem occurs we are anxious to immediatley solve them and in case of no problems we will create some :) Last but not least problems are our destiny and our challenge. Thus, we create an atmosphere that is relaxed and inspiring at the same time and where the audience always wins.

Lord Sax O`Phone und Dr. Johnny Walker

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